Who is the most stubborn and soft-hearted of the 12 stars?

Do you have any friends with a knife and tofu heart beside you?

Most stubborn and soft-hearted: Do you have any friends with a knife and tofu heart beside you? They are obviously very soft-hearted, but their words are so unforgiving; their starting point is obviously to care about others, but they pretend to be indifferent and refuse to admit it; their deep feelings are often hidden in their hearts, their hearts are extremely soft, and their characters are kind and sensitive.

Deep down, I really want to be cared for. So let’s take a look at what constellations are there!


Virgo is famous for its “poisonous tongue” in the legend. Virgo has very high requirements on itself, is very strict and rigorous in doing things, pursues perfection, has a tough attitude, and is unforgiving. It belongs to a very rigid constellation. But the more you get in touch, the more you will realize that Virgos are actually very kind in their hearts.

They will blame themselves and feel guilty if they do things carelessly, and their vulnerable side will rarely be revealed, and they are very strong and show it. Always be the strong and arrogant side, keep the vulnerable side in my heart.


Scorpio is a typical cold outside and inside heat type. Don’t look at the Scorpio baby always giving people a cold and indifferent feeling, but in fact, the Scorpio’s mind is still very delicate. Don’t look at Scorpio’s few friends, each of them is sincere.

Being a Scorpio as a friend, you can have fun! But after getting along for a long time, you will find that Scorpio is really hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, although the mouth is getting more and more poisonous, this is precisely the performance of treating you as a friend, otherwise they will be too lazy to point out your mistakes and help you handle things properly.


Speaking of Capricorn, the most typical is good to face. But the Capricorn baby is not particularly good at expressing, and it also gives people a feeling of indifference; it is precisely because the Capricorn baby has a slow and warm personality, which makes many sincere words difficult to say.

Their thinking is also relatively straight, so they often put the naked truth in front of you, instead of wrapping it up with gorgeous voices, and they will never give up on their own initiative. In fact, they have forgiven you long ago. , it is very necessary to go deep into their hearts.


Leo people never allow themselves to lose, and their self-esteem is very strong. Have to argue to the end. Although the appearance will not be reflected, it is still a “face project” to put it bluntly. In fact, Leo is very soft at heart. Many times you just need to be soft and give the Leo baby a step-down.

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