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Which zodiac man will protect the mistress?

Cheating is not uncommon in society these days. Some couples clearly have no problems in their marriage,

Zodiac man will protect the mistress: Cheating is not uncommon in society these days. Some couples clearly have no problems in their marriage, but because the man is greedy for beauty, he eventually destroys a complete family and hurts the hearts of countless people. In some people’s opinion, this is the fate of the two people, but in fact, it can only be said that the woman is unlucky.

So, what are the most suitable zodiac pairings for husband and wife? Which zodiac men will protect the mistress? Let’s find out together!

The most suitable zodiac pairing for husband and wife

First place: Zodiac Rat and Zodiac Ox

A folk proverb says: “The black rat and the ox are exactly compatible, and there is no mistake in the match between males and females.” The five elements of the black rat are water, the water is gentle, smooth, and the flow of the stream, the five elements of the ox are ugly soil, the soil is moist soil, and the soil can nourish and nourish the vegetation. The combination of the black rat and the ox is the combination of the ugly and the earth.

Second place: Zodiac Tiger and Zodiac Pig

There is a folk saying: “The green tiger and the black pig are the first-class marriage, and the man and woman are compatible for a good marriage.” In the earthly branch theory, the green tiger represents the five elements of Yinmu. Yinmu is the big tree, the evergreen tree, and the black pig is the five elements in the earthly branch theory. Hai water produces Yin wood, and water and wood produce each other. Love is sweet, happy, and warm.

Third place: Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Rooster

The folk proverb says: “The yellow dragon and the white chicken are more compatible, and the reason for the development of the door is good.” Huanglong refers to the zodiac dragon, which ranks fifth in the Chinese zodiac, and “five” represents the five elements in Hetu Luoshu, so it is called “yellow dragon”. The white chicken is unitary, representing the five elements of gold. The combination of Chen You and Yin and the combination of slow and slow complement each other. The beauty of literature, mutual understanding, and mutual love.

Fourth place: Zodiac Snake and Zodiac Monkey

The folk proverb says: “The red snake and the white monkey are full of people, and the marriage matches the ancient prosperity”. In the zodiac, the red snake is the attribute of the five elements of fire. Of course, the white monkey refers to the zodiac monkey, and the attribute of the zodiac monkey is Shenjin. The red snake is Sifire and the white monkey is Shenjin, and the combination is the combination of Sishen, Sishen combines water, and water controls tenderness. As the saying goes: “Tenderness is like water, and good times are like dreams”, which is what it means. For this reason, love is like a wave of water, dripping into the heart.

Which zodiac men will protect the mistress

Dragon male

There is a very high possibility that a dragon-man will cheat. A dragon-man is born with an irresistible charm. Basically, a relationship will not last for too long. On the one hand, the heart of a dragon man is also extremely unstable. If there is no feeling for the current one, he will immediately turn his head to find another one, so the possibility of cheating is also very high. Dragons are also very lecherous. As long as they see a beautiful person, they want to hook up. This kind of man will regret his marriage for the rest of his life!

Especially after getting married, once they fall in love with the mistress, they will live with the mistress and never look back!

Pig man

Pig men have a good relationship with the opposite sex, and pig men pay attention to their own maintenance and dress up well, so they are naturally very attractive to women. Even if they do not deliberately seek out the mistress, there will be women who are willing to be the women behind him. Pig men have no sense of responsibility for their family, but enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by women very much, so they will not appreciate the hard work of their wives, they will only think that the family flowers are not as charming as wildflowers, so as long as the women outside are a little more towards the pig Men are better. Pig men can easily cheat and raise a mistress.

Horse male

Horse people are very clear about the difference between love and not love. Once you fall in love with the mistress, you will never look back. And after breaking up, he must live arrogantly and proudly, proving that he can live equally wonderfully without the other party. If you want to let go, you have to let it go completely, never look back, and you can’t find the feeling of the past when you look back. He knows better that the love in the past will not come back, and the one that comes back is no longer perfect. The horse people are sad and cry, and then stand up again and set off.

Snake man

Snake men don’t raise a mistress just because they are rich. They will think like this even when they are poor. In Snake men’s heart, how can a man have only one woman in his life, especially when he is married for seven years? Later, the snake man’s desire to raise a mistress is even more eager to move. The snake man pretends to be in need of condiments in life. In fact, he just wants to raise his mistress outside with his wife behind his back, looking for excitement.

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