These five myths about astrology are widely held

Astrology has become quite popular in recent years, especially in the last decade, yet countless myths abound.

Most people know their sun sign and read their stars. You may also know what your moon is and the signs of the exit, but the fact is that astrology is much deeper than that, and can tell you more about who your next partner is and how the full moon will treat you (though helpful in those things, as well).

In fact, there are plenty of stars that can help you explore it, and Allure wants to help you immerse your toes in that space. Additionally, we would like to help you solve some of the misconceptions that roam there. Here are some common misconceptions many people have about stars.

Myth # 1: You have one zodiac sign, and that alone describes your chart.

Fact: You have the whole chart.

Who wants just one symbol when you can check out twelve (or more) features in your chart?

If someone asked you what your sign was, you probably answered with a reply, such as, “I am Taurus.” But what you really mean is that he was born when the sun is a sign of Taurus. (Or, more specifically, he says he was born when the sun was in Taurus, according to Western stars.)

This is part of the picture, though; Our solar system extends beyond the star to its center, and there is much more to your star chart than the sun. Your chart shows the moon and all the other planets, and – in fact, includes some asteroids.

For example, you also have an “ascending sign” or “an ascending sign.” This is a sign that was rising or rising on the horizon at birth. Your growing brand is colorful in both your view of the world and your perception of others. It is often the first impression you give to people when you meet them.

The placement of the moon in your chart is also a major part of your emotional makeup. It can symbolize your relationship with your mother, how you feel about things or how you deal with your feelings, as well as what makes you feel comfortable and secure. The sign itself will tell you how you are moving between your emotions and the house you are in tells you a certain area of ​​life that is emotionally important to you.

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