The Astrological Dark Moon

This period also called the “dead” Moon, occurs when there is no solar reflection, covering the lunar surface in the darkness. Before the new crescent appears, there are roughly three days of darkness.

New Moon vs. Full Moon: The Battle for the Soul

While for some people, the new Moon begins at the moment of the sun-moon conjunction, for others, it doesn’t become the crescent until it is visible. There is frequently a turn inside when the Moon dwindles into those final days of darkness. Dreams and waking glimpses reveal inner reality during those reflective times. It’s an ideal environment for conjuring aspirations for the new Moon.

Differences During the interval between the New Moon and the Full Moon

During the dark phase of the Moon, a person’s psychic abilities are at their strongest. It tends to bring us closer to our most authentic selves and the desires of our souls, and listening with an open heart and mind is an excellent way to pick up on these signals. It has been likened to the dormant seed hiding beneath the snowy winter or butterfly’s cocoon.

It’s possible that you’re exhausted or just looking for some peace. During this period, it is essential to leave room for the development of the spirit. The crescent, which represents the transition from one stage of life to the next, is compared to death.

The Monthly Rhythms of Women and the Nighttime Moon

“Menstruation tents” were popular in matriarchal and ancient civilizations. Women would commonly gather in groups during the dark of the Moon to take advantage of the powerful psychic energy in the atmosphere.

Women’s periods commonly overlap, which still occurs when women live close to one another. In the hut, women might share their visions, receive messages from the divine, and gain access to greater understanding.

A Gloomy Moon and a Sense of Mourning

Any significant loss that we go through causes us to change radically, which is dying for us. This is known as a “black moon phase,” lasting for as long as it takes to process and integrate the experience correctly. Sometimes other people will try to dissuade us from entirely residing in the dark since their disquiet is caused by the internal confusion, sadness, and other emotions that we are experiencing.

Taking a hint from nature, we can see that everything perishes before returning to life. This is the lesson that we may learn from nature. Sometimes in our lives, we succumb ultimately to our previous identities and are immediately reborn into new lives.

The Seasons and the Dark Moon

The Northern Hemisphere’s short days at the Winter Solstice make it an inner time with a warm, snug atmosphere. After being reduced to such a state of bareness, it is always surprising to witness the green things bloom to life once more. During this period, growth is underground and concealed, but it is vital because it frequently starts at the base, in the roots.

The waning of the Moon’s light, becoming older or passing away

At the same time as we are getting set to investigate the enigma of death, the dark moon phase indicates that we are getting closer and closer to the end of our lives. It is common for a convergence of memories to occur, which results in a blurring of time. Many cultures believe that the spirit continues to live on, but where is it?

This is the phase of the Moon known as the Dark Moon, which is accepted on faith while fraught with the possibility of new life. There is a connection between the dark Moon and the underworld, a distinct region where the dead and those who are nearly born are gathered.

Do We Occur During the Moon’s Phase Considered to Be Nighttime?

Demetra, In her book titled “Mysteries of the Dark Moon,” George presents this idea to the reader. Our earth is degrading because she is changing from the ground up, starting with the rainforest and moving up into the air surrounding her. This change is happening from the bottom up. As part of the black Moon, outmoded structures are brought down and relinquished, and there is a period of introspection during which we think about the way that we have been living, the things that we believe, and our connection to the natural world.

Even if new seedlings are planted, there is still a large amount of concern and pessimism in the air. Let’s consider this time a “black moon period” rather than a typical amount of time. We can broaden our perspective and become more receptive to the possibility of beginning again.

The power of the dark

The Moon at midnight is dark, private, and replete with immense regenerative potential. During the waning phase of the Moon, when you let go of everything you have learned up until this point, you may go through a period in which you feel completely exposed and confused about who you are. Death may be like this—a glorious mystery that fills us with a sense of vitality until we take our last breath. What could be next, we speculate?

Many individuals think that the phase of the Moon known as the black Moon is the most conducive time for genuine introspection to take place. The power of the inner self starts to grow, and it also starts to show itself more clearly. It is best to listen, integrate, and set aspirations that will assist you in finding inner peace during the phase of the Moon while it is waxing.

The concept of silence is central to our understanding of the black Moon. You have the opportunity to listen to that voice within you in an atmosphere of tranquility and delectable isolation. When the Moon’s face is obscured, the intuitive psychic self assumes command of the situation.

 Create space in your life for a purification process on a mental and spiritual level so that you can receive. Both fears of the dark and an unwillingness to accept death have a long and storied past. However, this is a biological fact that, once acknowledged, can be seen as the conclusion that comes before the next beginning anew. 

The Moon is often connected with women, and many goddesses, like Hecate, Kali, and Lilith, are said to represent the negative aspects of the Moon. The gloomy Moon is a constant reminder of the natural cycles of birth and death that occur worldwide. When you are imprisoned in the mystery that lies beyond the physical world’s existence, the grave and the womb become the same place.

Every cycle of the dark Moon presents an opening for reinvention, the cultivation of ignorance, and the attainment of enduring wisdom. The dismal Moon reaches into everyone’s mind and unlocks a gateway to the distant past. Set aside a particular period on the first of each month to get in touch with the infinite awe of the universe.

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