Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards symbolize the elements that influence our daily lives, such as pragmatic considerations, modest endeavors, regular partnerships, etc. The Minor Arcana cards are in no way less significant than the Major Arcana cards since healthful life is equally worldly and spiritual. Our daily activities are a clear reflection of the path our souls are following. The Minor Arcana, which consists of 56 cards, is divided into four sets of fourteen cards each: the Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords suits.


Each suit corresponds to an element (earth, water, fire, and air). Every suit, according to certain occultists, also symbolizes a chakra and the lessons that go along with it. According to numerologists, the meanings of the cards can be predicted by the numbers on the cards. The deck is filled with magical connections, thus we think all of these links are valid.



The third chakra, the suit of clubs, the fire element, and the suit of wands are all related. As a result, the wand cards frequently reflect the status of our fire passions in life, including the goals we have for ourselves, the projects we want to complete, our careers, and our passionate pursuits of social and political causes.


These cards demonstrate our ability to successfully establish and adhere to plans. They demonstrate how we respond to challenges, whether we give up too easily or exhibit resilience. They demonstrate how we relate to persistent action.


We need to develop our leadership abilities and tap into our inner fortitude and desire. The wand cards provide us with these specifics with astounding precision. Wands are an effective outfit. Each wand card has the power to completely alter the direction of a reading, either in a favorable or negative way. They have an equal amount of potency in one-card readings.



The water element, the suit of hearts, the season of summer, and the second chakra are connected to the suit of cups. As a result, the cup cards frequently depict our emotional condition as well as how we interact with others and the outside environment. The cup cards reveal if we experience joy, passion, warmth, and sensuality in our daily lives. The majority of them are relationship cards that might depict how we feel about a particular connection, whether it be past or present, or how we interact with others in our lives, including that special someone.


When this area is out of balance, we lack self-assurance, we bury our emotions, and we shy away from intimacy. Cup cards aid in self-understanding and direct us to the answers our hearts long for. Cup cards include past influences, the current situation, and hints about the future. They are rich with imagery and symbolism. Some of them are undeniably powerful in what they express, like the Queen of Cups, while others have meanings that are flexible like our shifting emotions.




The element of air, the suit of spades, the season of autumn, and the fourth chakra are connected to the suit of swords. The heart chakra connects our spiritual reality with our material reality, which is a function that is considerably more important than most people realize. The heart chakra serves as a link between our mental states, such as how calm and clear they are, and our capacity to live peacefully in the world.


Our minds and thoughts are directly related to the element of air. Sword cards are difficult to comprehend. Negativity, hopelessness, mood swings, lack of interest, and a variety of other unpleasant feelings are all fed by our flawed but ingrained thought processes when we are out of balance in this area. Although the majority of the Swords cards appear dismal at first glance, you would be surprised by their deeper meanings and unspoken encouraging messages.



The earth element, the diamond suit, the winter, and the first chakra are connected to the pentacle suit. Therefore, the pentacle cards frequently depict how well our most fundamental needs—food, water, shelter, warmth, rest, breathing, sleep, equilibrium, and a sense of protection and safety—are being met.


These playing cards depict the level of abundance in our life. They demonstrate whether or not we are emotionally receptive to the kindness of the cosmos. They explain the reasons why and the methods by which we are able to satisfy our most basic human needs. We suffer worry, insecurity, subpar decision-making, and a heightened sense of isolation from the outside world when this area is out of balance. The pentacles aid in our understanding of the circumstance and direct us toward the desired solutions.

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