People with a background in psychology: Psychology in Tarot

In psychology, human consciousness is divided into conscious and subconscious. When people consciously come into contact with symbolic symbols and patterns, wonderful things will happen.

Psychology in Tarot: In psychology, mortal knowledge is divided into conscious and subconscious. Freud, the author of early psychoanalysis, said that knowledge is the tip of the icicle, and the subconscious is the huge part hidden under the icicle. The power of all kinds of mysticism and people’s untapped spiritual bents are hidden then.

When people concentrate on the material world in their diurnal life. It’ll be delicate to reflect the information hidden in people’s subconscious, because It’s an inward, veritably deep force that isn’t attached to reality, and under that icicle also includes mortal hunches.

When people purposely come into contact with emblematic symbols and patterns, awful effects will be. It’s a key that opens the door of our subconscious, and a lot of information will flow out, and we will know the history and presence of events from the subconscious. In the future, to understand how cause and effect reincarnate and overload, prognostications can be unfolded then.

People with a background in psychology are generally surprised when they come into contact with the Tarot for the first time because the symbol of the Tarot is fully the collaborative prototype of the mortal heart. The word “prototype” was first proposed by Jung, the originator of psychoanalysis., Jung has done a lot of exploration on the collaborative subconscious of mortal beings embodied in tradition, and put forward the conception of archetype, that is, in mortal hearts, there are numerous ingrain tendencies, which are collaborative.

Still, similar to Renner, Rachel, If you have the occasion to come into contact with the classic workshop of foreign tarot masters., you’ll find that the rigor of these tarot masters is like a psychology expert, who has carried out in-depth and textured prototypes Research. It’s precise because of the recovery and excavation of these tarot masters that people’s conception of tarot = fortune-telling is broken, especially those like Renner and Abati who are committed to tarot in the cerebral treatment of children.

Psychology in Tarot: Mind

Everyone who comes to a Tarot Master with a dilemma has a sense of fear about life in his heart. Tarot Master can not help the candidate to get relieve of this deep sense of fear by simply telling the future. The diviner has a medium to deal with fear in his heart. Numerous people will be more anxious when they know the future because the future has not been better. Of course, if the person doesn’t change, the future is still created by him/ her.

No life is like a slice, just this part, not that part. Renna formerly joked We’re all wisecracked by puck tales. When we were too youthful, we were used to hearing puck tales in which justice triumphs over wrong. Snow White will marry Napoleon beautifully. Puck tales shape our ideal part of life and guard life. cruel. However, we will also homogenize the difficulties we encounter when we grow up If we learned as children that life has two sides.

There are also numerous tarot masters who are reticent to use psychology to explain the tarot cards, because the more magical the tarot cards, the more magical they will be. I tête-à-tête endorse to” bamboozle”, at least in the mind of Tarot masters, to remove” riddle”. Still, also there will always be a god and Buddha above the head who’s supervising and chastising him, so he’ll lose control If this kind of mystification isn’t removed. There are numerous tarot players.

It’s a pity that after playing Tarot for so long, Tarot masters neglected to face their inner fears… This reminds me of Osho Zenka’s”schizophrenia”, a man’s veritably painful hands and bases are resolved between two escarpments in a straight line. Lately, I’ve frequently encountered this card in individual cases. I realized that the further people produce two fully different effects in their hearts, the further painful the split will be in the after stage, similar to the tone with a myth in the heart, and How do you integrate yourself with a tone that can not contend with reality in your heart?

. Of course, tarot cards aren’t the same as psychology, but they’re analogous to psychology. They’re both great tools for inward disquisition. You can choose to use cerebral ways, or you can choose to use tarot cards, indeed if they’re used in combination, the key is how you play the part of a tool to help others see easily, and occasionally it isn’t inescapably the road that you see easily. Because if people who are stepping on the road do not have the courage to walk, you may have to educate them to stand up and walk first.

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