How to see a piece of valuable astrological advice?

How to measure the value of astrology? How many manifestations are there in astrology, and which one is more “expensive”?

Valuable astrological advice: How to measure the value of astrology? How many manifestations are there in astrology, and which one is more “expensive”? Let’s take a look at this article together.

A piece of priceless gate

Imagine you find a stone used to make a doorstop worth $100,000. Of course, you’ve always loved this stone.

A friend gave you this stone 30 years ago, and you love the distinctive black pattern on its scarred, pitted surface. It’s heavy and even has a relatively flat side, making it a perfect doorstop.

But now you find it’s a meteorite, and there’s a university willing to pay $100,000 for it. You had no idea that this stone could be worth so much.

In fact, this did happen. A Michigan man has used a “stone” as a doorstop to keep his barn door open for 30 years.

The farmer who sold him the house in the 1980s told him the rock was a meteorite he and his father found in the 1930s. But he didn’t think much of it until January 2018, when a fiery meteorite landed in Michigan and made the news, reminding him of that.

He decided to take the rock to Mona Sibescu, a geologist at Central Michigan University, for analysis. It turned out to be a meteorite, and a very valuable one, worth over $100,000.

How much is astrology worth?

To me, this story is the perfect analogy for astrology. Like a doorstop used to hold up a barn door, most people have no idea how much astrology is worth, let alone an astrology consultation.

We can understand why the average person may have no idea of the potential value of astrology, but astrologers often also seem to not know or appreciate its true value. There are many “levels” of “professional” application of astrology in the modern world, each with its own underlying meaning or value.

· Entertainment astrology – either makes you laugh, which is not wrong, or provides superficial insights of a ridiculously general nature, including astrology columns, etc.

· Computer-generated astrology reports – such reports are usually written in sections by an astrologer, Form a computer database. There is usually little or no integration process, but reports will provide some relevant insights that are meaningful to the individual;

· Personal Written Reports – These are reports written by astrologers for clients. There is little interaction with the client and this report is based on the astrologer’s thoughts on the client’s horoscope. Such a report may provide some relevant insights that are meaningful to the client;

· Personal Recording Reports – These are recordings made by astrologers for their clients. Often with little interaction with clients, this report is based on the astrologer’s thoughts on the client’s horoscope.

However, because astrologers are talking to their clients on audio recordings, a gifted storyteller might be able to subtly provide their clients with insights into what’s important and important.

Astrological consultations – these consultations can be in-person, online, or via online audio or telephone ( texting does not count). These consultations often involve important interactions between the astrologer and the client, with both parties engaged in meaningful discussions about the client’s problems and concerns.

The results of this interaction can lead to profound insights and life-changing breakthroughs for clients, empowering clients to create more fulfilling lives.

In the 5 “professional” uses of astrology in modern society that I have listed above, it is not intentional to ignore the “study” of astrology.

Whether you study astrology on your own or through school or as a teacher, astrology has important practical value as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. You don’t have to be a professional or a client to benefit from it. You can be a lifelong student and gain insights into your life that help you better understand yourself and the changes in your life.

Most professional astrologers I know consider themselves lifelong students of astrology. When people ask me how long I have been an astrologer, I usually answer “52 years of study and 46 years of practice”.

That doesn’t mean a total of 98 years! That means I’m still learning, and I didn’t start professional practice until 46 years ago, so a total of 52 years of study. Yes, I am still learning.

Think some questions about valuable astrological advice

Well, it’s time to ask some questions about your astrological counseling experience. Have you ever been involved in astrology consultation as a client or astrologer?

I know most of you read this tweet. Looking back, what was your experience as a client? How did you feel during and after the treatment? Did you learn anything valuable?

As a client, are you able to apply what you learned to life and prove beneficial? Have you learned more about yourself and the meaning of life? To astrologers, I would like to add: ” Did also learn something, more about life, human nature, and astrology?”

Maybe you did some counseling that was helpful and meaningful to you, and some that weren’t.

What contributed to your positive experience in a positive astrological consultation? Are the astrologers really interested in you? Do they listen to you and answer your questions and concerns in a knowledgeable and thoughtful way? The astrologer asks Do you have questions? Do you feel comfortable communicating with an astrologer? Do you feel safe?

Do you feel a rapport with the astrologer as the session progresses? Do you feel like they understand your point of view and your life experiences? Does the astrologer discuss you and your situation in an objective manner? At the end of the session, Have you gained confidence in yourself and greater confidence in your ability to create a more fulfilling life?
If you’ve had negative or less positive astrological counseling, what helped your experience? Did the astrologer dominate the conversation? Did the astrologer act as if they were an authority on you and your life? an absolute and subjective evaluation?

Are you primarily a passive listener other than the questions you ask during the conversation? Did the astrologer make absolute predictions about you and your life, using “this is going to happen to you” or “this is you” the fate of the world, there is nothing you can do about it” or something like that?

Does the astrologer claim to have the mystical power to see the future? Did the astrologer tell you what to do and not respect your right to choose?

You have considered these questions in your honest reflection on any astrological consultation. Of course, it depends a lot on what are your expectations as a customer?

Perhaps many of you may have never had an astrological consultation like this, an astrologer who will listen to you, heal you, respect, and actively pay attention, with real goodness, a few will meet an astrologer whose goal is to “meet you” You work together” to help you gain the understanding you need to meet life’s challenges.

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