How to Get More Nutrients from Astrological Consultation

Many friends came to ask me what should I ask in the astrology consultation? How can we better obtain the maximum information from the limited time?

Astrological Consultation: Many friends came to ask me what should I ask in the astrology consultation? How can we better obtain the maximum information from the limited time?

What can astrology do for us?

First, I want to talk about what astrology consultation can bring to you. Many times, our life is always full of challenges one after another, we are often confused and at a loss, do not know where the future will go? Not sure if you should choose to persevere or give up? For people who often come with questions, astrology can help them answer these questions very well. Sometimes astrology gives you a perspective that can help you dig deeper. A good astrologer can help you see what lies behind the problem.

There are also times when a lot of people don’t have a specific question they want to ask (maybe they have a vague sense of a crisis, but all is well at the moment) or just out of curiosity if they can come to astrology consultation. From my personal experience, it’s totally possible. While you don’t have many questions to ask, a good astrologer can help us perceive the major energies of life. Our strengths, potential, and mission. Maybe the astrologer gave you a certain sentence that touched you and started you on the road of self-exploration and growth.

How do I choose the right astrologer for me?

Everything in the world is energy, and people are also energy. We need to find the energy that matches the frequency of our vibrations. To find an astrologer that suits us, we need to observe the astrologer’s philosophy. What is TA’s philosophy? If the TA is dead and thinks you are like that, then you can choose to leave. Astrologers are human beings, not gods. They must never limit anyone’s life. They must have good expectations and hope that the other party can live out the highest life energy.

Another very important to me is the life experience of the astrologer. Often astrologers give us guidance on life, and we always hope to seek a wise person to answer life problems for us, or to draw nutrients from the other person’s life experience. People who have experienced a rich life and still love life are like sturdy trees. Their roots have been deeply rooted in the deep ground. Their annual rings go round and round, telling the story of life and also depicting With strength and courage.

The astrologer’s seniority is also very important, this seniority refers to the number of clients he has consulted. Just like among psychologists, the seniority level and the price charged will also be distinguished according to the number of hours of consultation. From quantitative changes to qualitative changes, all astrological knowledge and skills must be deactivated from real-life examples.

The increase in consultation cases will also deepen the enrichment and understanding of the connotation of astrology. Life is so wonderful and so rich, if you imagine how many beers there are in the world, you will know that you cannot tell everyone the same answer in stereotyped astrological language. Everyone is unique, and every life needs to be treated uniquely at the deepest level, which is also a respect for life.

How does a client prepare for an astrological consultation?

In order to get the best results from the consultation, I would recommend that you do some communication with your astrologer before you start. You can tell the astrologer the questions you want to ask so that they can better prepare for the consultation. Because the horoscope contains so much information, the astrologer may not tell you what you want to know if the individual is not prepared to ask questions.

The quality of the questions asked can play a key role in the effectiveness of astrological consultation. For example, many people will ask, can I ask the teacher about when will he get married? This question is one that most people will ask. In fact, it is impossible for any astrologer to tell you that you will definitely get married at some point.

A more qualitative question could be: What needs do I have to meet in my own love marriage? What qualities does my ideal partner need? What can I do to find the right partner? At what stage of life am I more suitable for marriage? After I get married, will there be any crisis? How to deal with the crisis? etc. Maybe an astrologer will discuss these issues with you in-depth, going back to that core long, long ago.

It is also very important to keep an open and positive mind. The answer given by the astrologer is important, and more importantly, is the individual’s interpretation and application of it. For example, if an astrologer tells A that you will face a very big crisis in two years, maybe you will be out of a job for a whole year.

Usually, this is an answer no one wants to hear, and it seems like “bad” news. How would you react if you were A? If you’re crying like a three-year-old, blaming the astrologer for getting it wrong, or being depressed by constant fear, then it’s not doing you any good, or even harm.

A good astrologer is actually a coach who can help you channel your inner strength and inspire you to ask questions. An astrologer can ask what can you do now if you face a financial or life crisis two years from now? So A said that I can start to get rid of the bad habit of moonlight now, start saving actively, and lay the foundation for 2 years later.

I can also learn a new skill, maybe I can work for myself at some point… those are very good answers. So two years later, A really ushered in a crisis in his life, but it was also a turning point. Because of the foundation laid in the past two years, A has enough savings to deal with it and turned into an entrepreneur perfectly. Through the above examples, we can see that even in the face of the same problem, different choices made by different people will still lead to different results. This is what we call free will.

My favorite astrologer

The astrologers I like are those who can truly point out your vulnerability, yet embrace you with deep compassion. The ones who make you face the truth of your life and start taking responsibility for your own life. It’s those who guide you toward your highest self. It’s the people who let you overcome your fears and give you hope. The ones who tell you that you can let go of your pretense, let go of your shackles, and grow into who you are. It is to tell you that there is a miracle in this world, and that is you!

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