How defensive is he about you? Check it out!

Today's society is still relatively gentle in the eyes of most people, but it is...

How defensive is he about you? Today’s society is still relatively gentle in the eyes of most people, but it is also necessary to maintain a certain degree of precaution. The most important thing in love is companionship and responsibility. If there is anything that two people can face together, don’t be too defensive about TA. Want to know how defensive he is about you? Come and test it!

  • Are you a person with a good relationship with elders?
  • Do you hate people who talk about others?
  • Are you someone who is more dependent on others?
  • Can you accept that sometimes you are not the protagonist?

  • Would you be more considerate of his efforts?
    will not—6
  • Are you a busy person?
    Is not—7
  • Will you take the initiative to integrate into his family?
    Will not—D

Answer analysis:

A. He is 20% defensive about you. In his eyes, you are a person who knows the world but not the world, so he is not very defensive about you, because he believes that you are worthy of his trust and a good teammate. He can be very defensive about you, but some things are still his secret.

B. He is 50% defensive about you. In love, you always feel that both people need their own space, so you don’t take the initiative to ask about many things. In addition, you are more career-oriented, and you don’t have much time to get along. He won’t think of you for the first time in many things. Say.

C. He is 10% defensive about you. You will discuss many things with each other, and you will not do what you want in the name of being good for each other. And you let him know that you will always be together, so there is no defense against you, you can tell you.

D. He has 40% defense against you. In love, you are more afraid that if you are too active, the other party will not cherish you, and your current state has not improved, so there are many things that he will not tell you, and he feels that he can handle it better.

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