Chinese Zodiac


It is helpful to begin by considering the Chinese Zodiac system akin to Western astrology. When calculating a person’s horoscope, the Chinese Zodiac uses a person’s birth year rather than their birth month and day to determine their horoscope. This is because the lunar calendar is used. Your personality is supposed to be exemplified by the animal sign associated with the year in which you were born.

” (Shng xiào)” is the name used for the Zodiac in Chinese. The Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Pig are the twelve creatures that make up its twelve-year cycle.


There is an old tale claiming that the Jade Emperor once held a feast for all kinds of animals. The first 12 animals on the Zodiac’s wheel would come first. During the competition, the Rat and the Cat made the intelligent choice to ride atop the Ox’s back to get an advantage. The match was over when they arrived, as the Rat had already won it by throwing the Cat into the river and jumping off the Ox’s nose. According to the urban myth, cats continue to chase rats as a form of vengeance for this.


A mouse possesses intelligence, courtesy, charisma, humor, vigilance, and vitality. Because he is afraid and lacks leadership characteristics, the Rat is not qualified to hold the group’s leading position. Even though they are quick learners and adaptive, what drives them is their natural curiosity.


The ox approaches any task it undertakes with a great deal of energy and determination. Being extremely demanding or obstinate is a trait you want to avoid developing if you want to be an ox. One more characteristic of the ox is that they are reluctant to reveal themselves to others. Most people will remain staunch in their beliefs, experience little relaxation, and enjoy long, healthy lives.


Because it is brave, fearless, self-assured, aggressive, resilient, and charming, the tiger makes for an excellent and firm leader. Even though the tiger might sometimes show an excessive amount of aggressiveness, a challenge will always be accepted if it is offered. Tigers get a kick out of being physically active, and since they have a tonne of energy to burn, they can do it frequently and even compete in sports.


People born in the year of the rabbit are said to be kind, loving, honest, and pleasant. Sometimes, however, feelings will make them appear to be made of paper. Because they are so cautious and traditional, they will miss out on excellent chances. The attributes of tenderness, skill, patience, and stillness most commonly associated with rabbits are probably the most well-known.


Within the framework of the Chinese Zodiac, the dragon holds the position of the most significant beast. It is the only made-up animal out of the twelve on the list. People born in the year of the dragon are authoritarian, ambitious, and powerful; they seek out challenges, difficulties, and risks. A dragon, much like a tiger, is capable of acting in a rash manner at times.


The snake is a strange and fascinating animal. Snakes are easily stressed when the order of their existence is disrupted; as a result, they prefer a quiet lifestyle involving practical tasks. Intuition is the snake’s strong suit, with knowledge and wisdom coming a close second and third. The tendency of a snake to put things off till later, jealousy, and boredom are all examples of its less desirable traits.

Those born in the year of the horse have a positive outlook on life and a reputation for being hard workers. However, the stress brought on by labor and duties quickly weakens the horse, and as a result, people born in the year of the horse should be careful not to overwork themselves. The horse is a straightforward social animal to get along with because it is so pleasant, friendly, and humorous all at the same time. They may depend on being well-liked and having many friends in their circle.


Goats like to congregate in groups rather than be singled out as a focus of attention because they do not like being the center of attention. They are thoughtful, honest, polite, and gentle in their demeanor. They have a positive outlook on life, which contributes to the fact that they are generally healthy; nevertheless, this is also where they fall short.


In addition, the individual who embodies the monkey is astute, wise, crafty, and nefarious. Even though monkeys never intend to cause harm to other people, their jokes and practical jokes can often have that effect. There is no dispute that urban settings have an advantage over rural settings because they are better suited to the capabilities of the monkey.


The rooster has excellent perception, self-confidence, craftiness, and perseverance. Because roosters who regularly express what’s on their minds tend to come off as arrogant, these characteristics can occasionally give others the wrong impression. Roosters are gregarious creatures that enjoy the attention that they receive; however, this trait can also work against them because it has the potential to make other individuals feel uncomfortable.


Although faithful and trustworthy, the dog sometimes has trouble putting his faith in other people. If a person makes a mistake or breaks a promise, a dog will quickly begin to question the nature of its relationship with that person. Dogs have a strong will and a worried mind due to their demeanor and the way they carry themselves. The loyalty that dogs show to their masters and their willingness to prioritize the needs of others contribute to the widespread appeal of the species.


Pigs are considered trustworthy companions because of their open-mindedness, truthfulness, generosity, and compassion. They have driven beings who hold themselves to a very high standard and will exert terrific work to achieve those expectations. They proceed with caution in their activities while doing this and rarely approach other people for assistance. This should not come as a surprise as pigs have a well-deserved reputation for having a high sense of responsibility.

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